Making Waves of Change: Oahu Golf Apparel x AccesSurf Hawaii

In the world of fashion, there are collaborations that transcend trends and styles, reaching deep into the realms of purpose and impact. This is one such collaboration: Oahu Golf Apparel (OGA) and AccesSurf Hawaii (ASH) are teaming up to make waves of change, and you're invited to be a part of it.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the "SWELL" polo. Crafted with OGA's custom four-way stretch, wrinkle-resistant, wicking anti-microbial fabric, this polo will have you looking and feeling amazing. With UPF 50+ sun protection, it's designed to keep you comfortable and protected, even on the sunniest of days.

In the realm of attire, the "SWELL" polo emerges as a manifesto. With its design intricately interwoven with the soul of the ocean, it embodies the core principles of AccesSurf Hawaii. It transcends mere fashion, symbolizing the unbounded liberty of the sea, regardless of one's physical capabilities. And prominently displaying ASH branding on the shoulder and back, it stands as an emblem of solidarity and empowerment.

AccesSurf Hawaii isn't just an organization; it's a movement. Since its humble beginnings in 2006, it has been dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities through accessible beach and water programs. From the "Day at the Beach" to the World Championships for Adaptive Surfing, ASH has been at the forefront of adaptive water sports, inspiring countless individuals along the way. To learn more about ASH, check out their website here.

And now, with your support, they can continue to make a difference. Every purchase of the "SWELL" polo directly contributes to AccesSurf Hawaii's mission of inclusivity and empowerment. So, join us and ride the wave of inclusivity. Shop the "SWELL" polo and support AccesSurf Hawaii today.

Shop the “SWELL” polo here.

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