Exploring the World with Slice: Join Oahu Golf Apparel's #WHEREISSLICE Adventure!

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Grab your favorite Oahu Golf Apparel mascot tee and get ready to embark on a journey around the world with Slice!

#WhereIsSlice is not just a campaign; it's a global movement fueled by the spirit of exploration and adventure. At Oahu Golf Apparel, we believe in celebrating the love for golf, travel, and embracing new experiences. With Slice, our beloved mascot, leading the way, we invite you to join us in showcasing the beauty of our planet through the lens of golf fashion.

Participating in the #WhereIsSlice campaign is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Grab Your Slice Tee: Choose your favorite Oahu Golf Apparel mascot tee featuring Slice 🍍
  2. Strike a Pose: Head out to your favorite local spot, a hidden gem in your city, or even a dream destination. The choice is yours! Snap a photo wearing your Slice tee and show us your creativity.
  3. Share Your Adventure: Share your photo on social media using the hashtag #WhereIsSlice and tag @oahugolfapparel.

Joining the #WhereIsSlice adventure isn't just about showcasing your love for Oahu Golf Apparel. It's about connecting with fellow golf enthusiasts and explorers from around the globe. It's about celebrating the diversity of our world and the shared passion for golf that unites us all.

By participating in the #WhereIsSlice campaign, you'll not only become a part of our global community but also have the chance to be featured on our website and social media channels.

The world is waiting, and Slice is eager to accompany you on your next adventure! Whether you're hitting the links at a prestigious golf course, soaking in the sights of a bustling city, or lounging on a pristine beach, don't forget to bring Slice along for the ride.

Don't have a Slice tee yet? Grab yours here!

Join us in spreading the joy of Oahu Golf Apparel and let's make memories together, one Slice adventure at a time!

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