STANKEEZ is a non-adhesive, flexible foam insert that sits comfortably on your hat’s inner sweat brim. This patent pending technology creates a protective layer between your head and your hat that absorbs sweat, repels odors, and blocks stains. Unlike many headwear liners, STANKEEZ is reusable, hand washable, and interchangeable on most hats. It is made with antimicrobial material and designed and manufactured in the USA.

STANKEEZ is designed to help protect headwear from sweat, odors, and stains. However, everyone is different. STANKEEZ's effectiveness may vary depending on your sweat volume, personal hygiene, and environment. This product does have its limitations, but we are constantly working toward delivering the best product.


  •  Foam compression molding to absorb sweat
  •  Stain blocking technology to repel sweat, make-up, sunscreen, etc.
  •  Antimicrobial materials for odor control and improved skin care
  •  Embossed friction hinge for reduced slippage
  •  Environmentally friendly design (reusable and hand washable)